Michelle Money’s Daughter: Out of the ICU! At Last!

Finally, Bachelor Nation, a reason to celebrate.

About two weeks after Michelle Money’s 15-year old daughter, Brielle, suffered a life-threatening skateboarding accident, we can now confirm the following:

She is out of the intensive care unit… and seemingly on the mend.

On Saturday, Money’s ex-husband Ryan shared the most hopeful update aboout Brielle in days, telling Instagram followers that the teenager has been moved to the to neuroscience trauma.

Her condition remains serious — but not nearly as serious as before.

“Brie had a big win today,” Ryan wrote on Instagram, explaining:

“She moved from the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) to the NTU (Neuroscience Trauma Unit). She is doing so well!! Truly your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”

He continued as follows:

“Your love, thoughts, spirit, positive energy are felt! We are so grateful for those of you who have invested in Brielle’s recovery.

“Anyone familiar with a TBI recovery knows that this is a sacred and special time.”

Early last week, Money had provided followers with a less encouraging status update on Brielle. But things have thankfully changed.

Ryan went on to write that he didn’t know “how many times I have cried today,” but that his daughter is tough … and has a long road in front of her.

“We have high hopes but also we have all the time and energy she needs from us. #briellestrong,” Ryan concluded the post.

The teenager was not wearing a helmet at the time of her crash, with Michelle taking responsibility in a previous message, writing that she too often tried to be Brielle’s friend… and not her parent.

Ryan’s update, meanwhile, came just one day after Michelle — a former Bachelor suitor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant — chose to take a break from social media to focus on her daughter’s recovery.

The former ABC personality said that while she feels her child is “going to be OK,” she didn’t feel comfortable telling her story for her. Not any longer.

“As her mom I just feel this overwhelming need to just be present with her during this next chapter in her life,” Michelle said in a video posted via Instagram on Friday, April 10.

“This is not my story to tell. This is her story. I think as a 15-year-old who has just gone through something so traumatic it does not feel in alignment for me to be sharing anymore.”

Added Money in this message:

“She’s going to be fine. We are going to get through this. She is going to be 100 percent healed. I feel so strongly about that.”

The awful accident took place on March 30 and landed Brielle in life support.

It was unclear for several days whether or not she would survive.

However, she has since made small steps towards recovery, including bending and straightening her wrist.

The teen’s breathing tube and neck brace will soon be removed and she will undergo MRI and CT scans, according to Ryan.

He added that she will also be placed on “a 20-day weaning process on morphine to get her off of pain, sedation and paralytic medicines.”

So, yes, there’s still quite a long way to go. We’ll therefore keep this entire family in our thoughts.


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