My Breakdown of DayTime Tea Time’s Interview with Aveon Falstar’s Alleged Manager

In this video, I break down DAYTIME TEA TIME’S interview with Aveon Falstar’s ALLEGED Manager/Agent Keeah Bagley, who’s Management & Record Label Company MCDOM (MUSIK CAN DEPEND ON ME) ALLEGEDLY signed Aveon Falstar before he signed with Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter. This interview I found to be very confusing. There seems to be some shady stuff going on as well as some things going on simply because both sides really don’t know what the hell is legal and what is not legal to do. I discuss these things and give my opinion/thoughts on the what is discussed in the interview. Anyone interested in listening to the interview can do so by clicking on this me when I tell you…IT’SA MESS! But, I think you will have a better understanding of things once you’ve listened to my video.

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