NeNe Leakes’ Son Bryson’s Alleged Baby Mama Blasts Her For Giving Him House

NeNe Leakes recently bought her son Bryson Bryant a house for his 30th birthday—and his alleged baby mama isn’t happy about it!

According to All About the Tea, on Friday, Dec. 27, Symone Davis slammed The Real Housewives of Atlanta star for her generous present, claiming Bryson “can’t take care of himself.”

NeNe purchased the lavish 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house for her eldest son Bryson to mark him turning 30.

But Symone claims that the reality TV queen bought the home for “her image.”

“Why would a woman buy a grown a** man a house?” Symone asked followers on her video, claiming NeNe will pay Bryson’s utilities as well.

“F*** NeNe. F*** her money,” she said.

NeNe Leakes Son's Baby Mama Slams Her For Giving Him House

Last year, although Bryson admitted he’d had sex with Symone, he told in an exclusive interview that she’s a liar and he’s not the father of her son Blaze, 2.

“Look, when she was pregnant, she told me the baby wasn’t mine. I was like OK, cool and that was that. Now…she says it’s mine,” Bryson said at the time.

But Symone said she’d filed court papers to get child support from him.

Symone previously told Radar she and Bryson were in a relationship and that he admitted to her privately that he’s her boy’s father.

At the time, Symone had told Radar, “He’s been dodging me left and right every time I’ve tried to have him served with papers to pay child support for our son.”

“Nene doesn’t help out and doesn’t even acknowledge me or her grandson,” Symone, who owns her own interior design business and previously modeled for J.C. Penney, alleged.

“She claims she’s a very rich b**** but won’t even help put food or diapers on the table for her own flesh and blood.”

However, NeNe has been seen lavishing attention on Bryson’s daughter Bri’Asia, whom he had by a different woman.

Radar previously ran shocking photos of NeNe’s troubled son Bryson partying hard with friends.

In fact, he has often been in legal hot water. Bryson spent time in jail and court-ordered rehab after drug- and alcohol-related issues spiraled out of control in one wild year.

In October, Symone had claimed about Bryson that when her son “Blaze bday comes. He told everyone he was coming to Blaze party…did he show, NOPE! Did he call to tell Bk Happy Birthday, NOPE! But days later calls me asking when am I ovulating so we have another child.”

Symone alleged Bryson hasn’t “bought a sock, diaper, pull up, bottle, happy meal, nothing for Blaze. Yet is always asking me for money or to order him a pizza bc he’s hungry.”

Regarding NeNe, Symone had previously said, “I’m not asking for anything expensive or outrageous. Her grandson just wants to eat, have clothes on his back and have NeNe, [her husband] Gregg, and her side of the family in his life. That’s not asking too much, especially when she’s a rich b****.”

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