Olivier Sarkozy Moves In His Ex-Wife Amid Mary-Kate Olsen Divorce

Sources who spoke with Page Six this week claim that Olivier Sarkozy moved his ex-wife into his Hamptons mansion for the security and safety of her and their children. The 33-year-old Full House actress recently filed for divorce in the New York courts after they reopened this Monday.

In the past, Olivier and Mary-Kate lived together in a 4,000-square-foot mansion, however, sources who spoke with Page Six claim that Sarkozy had his two children and ex-wife, Charlotte Bernard, move into the home as the quarantine slowly lifts.

The insider shared that Olivier was worried about the security and safety of his family, so he insisted on bringing them into his Bridgehampton mansion. Olivier doesn’t want anything to do with his ex-wife romantically, the source explained; the move was for her and their kids’ safety.

Reportedly, it wasn’t entirely uncommon for Charlotte to bring the kids around and also stay in the spare bedroom during holidays and birthdays. This sort of arrangement is somewhat common in French culture, the insider remarked.

Regarding what led to Olivier and Mary-Kate’s breakup, it was just time for them to move on from each other. They slowly started to grow apart as time went on. The insider described it as a gradual “erosion” of their feelings for one another.

When the media first began picking up on Mary-Kate and Sarkozy’s split, it was reported that it was actually Sarkozy who wanted to end the marriage. He canceled the lease without her knowledge all while in the middle of a pandemic.

Although, it was Mary-Kate who filed for divorce in a New York City courthouse. Mary-Kate had to rush to find a place in the aftermath. The star quickly moved to a multi-million dollar Hamptons estate that included a private dock that she rented for approximately $325,000.

As it was previously reported, Mary-Kate already tried to file for divorce once, however, she was denied by the courts because they refused to accept it as a non-emergency situation. The actress tried to get an emergency divorce, claiming in the court papers that she was going to be homeless in the middle of a pandemic.


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