Orlando Bloom Has A Bromance With One of Fiancée Katy Perry’s Co-Stars!

Orlando Bloom Has A Bromance With One of Fiancée Katy Perry's Co-Stars!

Orlando Bloom checks out his brand new car as he picks it up from a dealership in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (February 25).

The 45-year-old actor was seen checking out the ride and taking it for a test drive to make sure he still wanted to purchase it before signing the deal and driving off the lot with it.

In a recent interview, it was revealed that Orlando has a bromance going on with one of fiancée Katy Perry‘s co-stars.

Click inside to see who it is!

It’s none other than fellow American Idol judge Luke Bryan!

In a new promo video for the new season of American Idol, Katy reacts to the bromance going on between Luke and Orlando.

“Me and Orlando are slowly falling in love,” Luke shared in a new clip, with Katy added that he “talks about you [Luke] now in the car all the time.”

Katy added, “It’s crazy. He’s like, ‘Luke’s such a great guy, isn’t he?’…I haven’t heard from my fiancé all day, but meanwhile, he sends video messages with hearts in his eyes to Luke.”

In another recent interview, Katy opened up about why she and Orlando aren’t married yet.


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