Rapper Jackboy Arrested On Gun Possession Charges – He Was Reportedly Caught With A 9mm And A Glock

2021 and 2020 have been rough for rappers. For instance, last year, King Von, Mo3, and a few other rappers were either shot and killed or incarcerated. However, artists like Lil’ Wayne, Kodak Black, Bobby Shmurda, and Rowdy Rebel all managed to get out or have their sentences commuted/charges dropped, which marked a momentous occasion for the rap world.
It was reported just this past month that Quavo, the Migos rapper, flew to pick up Bobby Shmurda in his private jet. Even though many of his contemporaries have managed to get themselves out of trouble, the rapper, Jackboy, has found himself the target of authorities once again.
TMZ was the first to report that the rapper was detained and arrested while out in Georgia, which then led up to a gun charge. Monroe County Police Department officers say they pulled him over in a blue Lamborghini SUV.
The police smelled marijuana on him during the routine traffic spot, which prompted them to do a full search. Amid their investigation, TMZ reported, they managed to unearth 2 unregistered guns in the glove compartment, including a 9mm and a Glock.
Jackboy said he had no idea how the guns got in the vehicle, whereas the person sitting in the back said they belonged to him. After they ran his record, they found out that he was a convicted felon, and that it would’ve been illegal for him to be in reach of a gun.
According to TMZ, Jackboy was subsequently booked on possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. However, he managed to get out on bail after he paid $2,500.
Jackboy and his friends were able to get away from the marijuana charges, fortunately, making them incredibly lucky this time around. As it was already noted above, Jackboy is just one among many rappers who have gotten themselves into trouble over the last year and a half.
For instance, Hurricane Chris was charged with second-degree murder back in 2020 for a gas station robbery gone wrong. The rapper has been all but silent ever since he was charged with the crime. Source

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