Richest Person Comparison

An animated price comparison of some of the richest people in the World, from the poorest countries to the richest celebrities, actors & singers, to even the richest flim directors and talk show host. From the Net Worth of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber & Shahrukh Khan, to Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump wealth, to billionaires such as Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Mukesh Ambani, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and even super billionaires such as how rich is Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Rothschild, Rockefeller and even the richest person ever – Mansa Musa!

Kindly note: There is a net worth mistake for 4 people, their corrected net worth is below:
Rank 29: Jorge Paulo Lemann : $ 27,400,000,000
Rank 33: David Thomson : $25,000,000,000
Rank 37 : Giovanni Ferrero: $23,000,000,000
Rank 38: Dietrich Mateschitz : $23,000,000,000

Richest Youtuber: 0:31
Richest Olympian: 0:49
Richest Model: 1:11
Richest Soccer Player: 1:35
Richest Martial Artist: 1:49
Richest Actor: 1:59
Richest Singer: 2:17
Richest Basketball Player: 2:44
Richest Talk Show Host: 3:01
Richest President: 3:17
Richest Flim Director: 3:50
Richest Criminal: 5:3
Top 20 Richest People : 5:49
Richest Royalty/Politican: 6:05
Richest Person Alive: 6:45
Richest American Ever: 7:20
Richest Person to ever lived: 7:30

Also featuring richest football player, richest DJ, richest baseball player, richest bodybuilder, richest celebrity chef, richest judge, richest musician, richest golfer, richest race car driver, richest author, richest Slovak, youngest billionaire, richest Nepalese, richest Qatari, richest Icelander, richest Moroccan, richest Lebanese, richest Argentinian, richest Kazakh, richest Greek, richest Polander, richest Algerian,richest Finnish, richest Vietnamese, richest Venuzuelian,richest Greek, richest Turkish, richest Portugese, richest Ukrianian, richest Arab, richest Belgian, richest Egyptian, richest Norwegian, richest Danish, richest South African, richest doctor/scientist/surgeon, richest Taiwanese, richest Swiss, richest Israeli, richest New Zealander, richest Singaporean, richest Colombian, richest Nigerian, Richest African, richest Malaysian, richest Czech, richest Dutch, richest Chilean, richest British, richest Swedish, richest Australian, richest Indonesian, richest Irish, richest Thai, richest Korean, richest Russian, richest Filipion, richest Japanese, richest Austrian, richest Italian, richest Canadian, richest Brazilian, richest German, richest Hongkonger, richest Chinese, richest Indian, richest Asian, richest Woman, richest Mexican, richest Spanish, richest French.

Note: Figures listed based on Net Worth or Wealth and not Salary nor GDP per Capita!

Sources: All Ranked people obtained from Forbes – The Worlds’ Billionaire 2018. Other figures sourced from , Money Nation & Reality Stars Network. First 4 figures based on Wealth per Captia and not GDP per Capita, sourced from Credit Suisse Global Data Wealth Book.

Music Used: Man Down – Kevin Macload (Incompetech – Licensed under CC 3.0)

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