Rihanna Has NEW MUSIC Dropping After Evidence Of A New Song Surfaces!!!

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SOUND THE ALARMS, R9 is officially underway and closer than ever after fans noticed a brand new song has been registered by Rihanna herself.

What’s up guys, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. back here on Clevver News, and a HAPPY Monday it sure is. I’d prepare you to sit down for the news I’m about to break, but life’s too short and Rihanna’s on the move, so forget that.

We’ve been prepping for this day for what seems like years now (which, if you do the math, it actually HAS been years), but we may be getting new music from Rihanna… and very soon.

Fans are going wild after a Rihanna news account tweeted the news that a potential new song, revealing that RiRi had registered a track called “Private Loving” with her music publisher BMI. The song appears to have been written by Rihanna, Jamaican dancehall and reggae artist Demarco, and British singer Monique Lawz.

So because it’s my job, and my emotions are hellbent from getting my hopes up, I gotta play Devil’s Advocate for a sec here. Many were skeptical that this could just be a fake leek due to the fact that both Monique and Demarco appeared to confirm the news via social media.

Monique responded to the tweet, writing, “I CANNOT BREATHE,” and a random screenshot began circulating of Demarco talking about the track via Instagram DMs.

RiRi has yet to comment on the news, because why would she, but whether or not “Private Loving” makes the cut on R9 is also up in the air. Like, could this be another “B***h Better Have My Money” that didn’t find a home on an album but was still a total JAM, or could this be another strong staple like “Work” that marks the start of this new era?

Only time will tell, but we’re not getting any younger here Ri, so if you could hurry this process up, that’d be rad. Anyway, I gotta hear all your thoughts on a potential new Rihanna song on the horizon, so share all your thoughts down in the comments below.

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