Safaree Updates Fans With His Quarantine Backyard Activities – Check Out His Videos

Safaree is enjoying all kinds of open-air activities at home during this coronavirus pandemic. He’s been working out like crazy, and he shared various videos for his fans during these difficult times.

Check out the latest clips that he posted on his social media account.

‘Day 789.. I’m seeing things in my backyard… I know the Easter bunny ain’t blasting buss ah blank & just crawl out his hole doing the shoulder fling & genna bounce… my daughter is gonna go crazy,’ Safaree posted a video in which he’s dressed as a bunny.

A commenter said: ‘Omg why are you like this?!?! 😂 @iamerica_mena how do you deal with him?’ and one other person also asked Erica Mena: ‘I need this energy @iamerica_mena sis how you coping?’

Someone else said: ‘This girl is going to be one happy child. Laughing at craziness everyday lol.’

Safaree also shared a video in which he’s working out and said: ‘Grind don’t stop. Operation goodbye dad bod is looking good‼ Who pop dem ‼‼‼ link in bio.’

A fan said: ‘@safaree big homie if you in or near ATL and can bring the equipment to you for a serious workout!!’ and one other follower posted this: ‘Ohhhh please, you would never ever have a dad bod…i just cant ever see you doing that.’

Safaree also made his fans laugh with this video:

‘Who else don’t know the words and sings it like this?? @usher tell em I’m a goat ‼‼ Aye @ericbellinger this is my kinda lane. Man, this is music to my ears!! Don’t forget me when you mention goats and I don’t need No1 to do me!! I know I’m great ‼‼‼ #climaxchallenge’

A lot of people told Safaree that he’s funny in the comments, also saying that he’s definitely making a great dad to his and Erica Mena’s baby girl.


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