Saweetie Responds To Accusations That She Is A Colorist

Saweetie’s fans are curious to see what she had to say to the accusations that she is a colorist. Check out the post she shared on her social media account. ‘ Saweetie claps back after a critic attempted to position her as a colorist using an old live she did with #TooShort (SWIPE)’ The Shade Room notes.
Someone said: ‘Too short sound ignorant and you can tell saweetie was uncomfortable but she didn’t want to disrespect somebody she considered a legend.’
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Another follower posetd this: ‘Saweetie never been problematic they tried it with that reach,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I’m trying to figure out how SHE was called a colorist when clearly SHORT is the one doing most of the talking…’
Someone else said: ‘She shouldn’t be blamed for anyone else’s words that aren’t hers. Period,’ and a commenteer posted this: ‘A lot of black people are colorist with the jokes they use and don’t realize it . That’s why I stay ready.’
A fan said: ‘The fact that that girl cut the clip she was def tryna set her upppp,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Too short is the colorist in this situation & you’d have to blind & def to pin that on saweetie after watching that clip.’
Not too long ago, Saweetie made fans happy with some new juicy looks from W magazine. She also made sure to address some of the online reactions to her recent breakup.
The Shade Room dropped all the available details on social media and you can check them out below. ‘s fully in her bag these days and she just added another project to her resume—as she is the latest star to cover ‘W’ Magazine. In the multi-page photo spread, Saweetie channels the look of old Hollywood glamour with an added touch of her signature hip hop aesthetic,’ TSR notes. Source

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