Scale-Crushing Kirstie Alley Is Starving For Meaty Roles!

Look who’s tanking! Kirstie Alley’s desperate bid to get back on top of the Hollywood heap has hit bottom — and sources said she’s eating her heart out, literally!

“Kirstie’s been caught in a vicious downward spiral,” a source close to the actress told

“She continues to overeat. Her feet and ankles are swollen. She can’t find regular work and had to resort to taking a job on Celebrity Big Brother in Britain … She hated it but she needed the bread,” said the source.

Alley raised eyebrows — and alarms — with her appearance on the celebrity reality show in 2018, her first official public appearance in nearly a year.

When Radar asked if she took the gig because she needed the money, Alley snorted back via email: “As opposed to doing Big Brother for an Oscar nomination?”

The kooky Scientologist’s love life is also in the toilet. “She doesn’t feel ‘hot’ anymore and can’t find a man,” said the source.

Alley’s scheme with fellow fading star John Travolta to reboot their ’80s Look Who’s Talking series was dashed — the studio is continuing without them.

However, she’s still plotting a comeback, tweeting: “I look forward to emerging FROM MY COCOON.”

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