Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian: We Can’t Even FAKE Nice Anymore!

This week, Scott Disick’s attempt to roast his ex backfired when Younes Bendjima exposed his DMs.

The result is all a big mess, and many feel that it’s showing Scott’s true colors.

Behind his chill, Peter Pan Syndrome exterior, is he really that insecure, bitter, and pathetic?

Apparently so … and he has been reportedly clashing with Kourtney quietly and behind the scenes for a long time.

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An inside source spoke to Life & Style about Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s current status.

They are exes and co-parents and, on the surface, have almost seemed to be happy for each other.

It sounds like that amicable demeanor is just for show.

“Scott and Kourtney are friendly in front of the kids and at family gatherings,” the insider acknowledged.

“But behind closed doors,” the source warned, “they’ve been secretly clashing for a while.”

The insider shared that the two have been in conflict “and barely talk.”

Younes DM 1

It doesn’t sound like this came out of nowhere, either.

“The arguing started shortly after Kourt and Travis began dating,” the source illuminated.

“And,” the insider added, “she’s accusing Scott of being jealous that she’s moved on and found love.”

This falls in line with previous reports that expounded upon why Scott is being so childish.

“Scott’s accusing Kourtney and Travis are going overboard with the PDA,” a past insider explained.

“He’s pissed about it,” that source added.

“And,” that insider explained, “is going around saying his ex should tone it down.”

The source continued: “and that it’s not a good look for the kids.”

“Who think it’s gross,” the insider reported that Scott claimed, “to see them all over each like high-school teenagers.”

On the one hand, it’s very unfair to complain about your ex’s PDA when it’s not actually around the kids.

But you have to give Scott credit where credit is due.

Who would know better how teenagers feel than a guy who almost exclusively bones and dates teens?

“Kourtney’s used to Scott making snide comments about her and Travis,” the source shared.

“So,” the insider reasoned at the time, she “isn’t surprised about Younes’ leaked messages.”

“But at the same time thinks it’s twisted of Scott to shade her to Younes,” the source confirmed.

“Especially [since] her two exes never even got on,” the insider remarked.

“She feels Scott should mind his own business,” the source continued.

“And,” the insider added, Kourt feels that Scott should “focus on his own relationship with Amelia and stop interfering with hers.”

Obviously, all of this insight comes from unconfirmed insider reports.

There are a few publications where their insiders are rock-solid when it comes to the Kardashian family.

Others … we can look over reports with a grain of salt.

That said, it is not shocking to hear that Scott is cranky with Kourtney over her new romance.

Apparently, it should be fine for him to bone every 19-year-old model he meets and even date a couple (the ones from famous families).

But heaven forbid that Kourtney should put her MILF status to good use with an actual partner, right? Classic Scott.


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