Serial Killer, 88, Who Nearly Murdered Lisa Rinna’s Mom Exposed – See The Mugshot

The serial killer who viciously attacked Lisa Rinna’s mom is currently the oldest person on death row in the state of California – and has obtained his terrifying mugshot.

David Carpenter, 88, is currently locked up at the San Quentin State Prison in California. He is known as the “Trailside Killer” for murdering at least ten people in California’s hiking trails.

In his most up-to-date prison photo taken on June 22, 2018, shown below, the killer appears cold and emotionless. A San Quentin prison official confirmed to Radar that both Los Angeles and San Diego counties sentenced him to death for separate first-degree murder cases in the 1980s.

Serial Killer Nearly Murdered Lisa Rinna Mom Exposed Mugshot

On the April 16 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa shockingly revealed that her mother, Lois Rinna, 90, was one of Carpenter’s first victims in 1960.

“A few years before I was born, my mom was attacked by a man that she worked with. He picked her up at the bus stop and then, all of a sudden, he started to drive down this really deserted road,” Lisa said.

“He tried to rape her. He tried to kill her,” she continued.

A military policeman had witnessed Carpenter’s vehicle drive down a deserted road at the San Francisco Presidio. Carpenter straddled himself over Lois and attacked her with a knife. The cold killer also reportedly hit Lois in the head with a hammer multiple times. Luckily, a cop intervened before Carpenter killed her.

The traumatizing encounter still effects Lisa and Lois today, the two said on the Bravo show on Tuesday night. Lisa explained it’s made her more fearful of her two daughters’ safety.

“That was a really bad thing. I knew him. I thought that was it,” Lois said. “He had a hammer in one hand and a knife in the other.”

Carpenter was sentenced to seven and a half years for his brutal attack against Lisa’s mother.

“When I finally learned the truth, I had such great sadness and empathy for my mom, knowing that, not only did this happen to her, but she basically just stuffed those feelings for how many years,” the reality star said.

Lois has metal plates in her head and lost her sense of smell due to Carpenter’s attack.

Carpenter went on to commit nearly a dozen other heinous crimes – a majority of involving the slayings and assaults of women. He was admitted onto California’s death row from Los Angeles County of Nov. 26, 1984.

“Carpenter is the oldest person on California’s death row,” the San Quentin prison official confirmed to Radar.

Last month, however, California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a halt to the state’s death penalty. The state houses over 730 inmates on death row.

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