Shailene Woodley Was Not A Fan of Being Labeled The Hippy of Hollywood

Shailene Woodley Was Not A Fan of Being Labeled The Hippy of Hollywood

Shailene Woodley is opening up about the one label she really didn’t like being called – the Hippy of Hollywood.

During a recent interview, the 29-year-old Big Little Lies actress said she used to be really offended by the label.

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Speaking to Observer magazine, Shailene says that now, the label doesn’t bug her as much.

“I mean, I used to get offended by that,” she shared. “But now I’m just like, ‘Great, you want to call me a hippy? So many things about the hippy movement were f***ing beautiful, I’m all about it.’”

Shailene added that “when I was talking about these things 10 or 15 years ago, it was before people knew what environmentalism was. The most environmental thing you could do then was recycle. There wasn’t a lot of narrative around these things. So of course you’re going to be ostracized in some way, be labelled as ‘other,’ because it’s not mainstream.”

“Now? Every single f***ing influencer or model or CEO is talking about this! Look, I don’t take offence at being called ‘The Hippy of Hollywood’ if it means one or two people are going to learn some things.”

Shailene also said that during that time, she was also facing insecurities and self-doubt.

“I was so strong-headed and free-willed, so rooted in the core of who I was. But in my mid-20s I went through a couple of years feeling insecure about the choices I was making, believing the opinions of others a little bit too much, not staying on my path,” she says.

“I had a couple of years where comparison was really detrimental to my mental health.”

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