Shailene Woodley’s Photo of Baby Feet Has Fans Talking

Shailene Woodley's Photo of Baby Feet Has Fans Talking

Fans are very confused about the photo that Shailene Woodley posted on her Instagram Story this week.

If you missed it, it was a photo of baby’s feet. After Shailene posted this, fans immediately got her name trending about who’s baby that is.

Click inside to read what fans are saying…

Fans wrote a wide range of theories like, could Shailene be announcing that her and Aaron Rodgers are expecting? Or perhaps she already had a baby?! Or maybe it’s just a friend or family member’s child!? Either way, these are all theories, and it’s likely that Shailene just shared an image she liked at the moment!

You can find out Aaron‘s thoughts about becoming a dad one day…


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