Shocking Never-Before-Seen Videos Of O.J. Simpson To Be Auctioned Off

Norman Pardo, the former manager of O.J. Simpson, intends to auction off what he claims are never-before-seen home videos of the disgraced former NFL star.

Pardo recently released his documentary Who Killed Nicole? The program includes sensational new evidence showing what happened the night Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman were stabbed to death in 1994.

In the 70 hours of home footage, freewheeling Simpson apparently dishes about Howard Stern, Barbara Walters and others.

Pardo said he met Simpson in 1999 and asked whether he was guilty.

“You don’t want to know what happened that night,” he said Simpson told Him. “Just let it go!”

As previously reported, former Playboy model Traci Adell recently claimed in an exclusive interview that Simpson acted cocky during an eerie phone call she had with him the same night Brown was killed.

“He made a little joke about how I’m not his typical type,” the 5’ 11” centerfold model told Radar. “He said he’d dated blondes and said, ‘I guess that hasn’t worked out for me.’”

Adell claimed that Simpson, now 72, chillingly added: “I’ve had enough, I’ve lived my life. I’ve done things most people couldn’t do in a hundred lifetimes.”

Simpson was infamously acquitted of the gruesome killings of his ex-wife and Goldman.

He was later convicted of armed robbery in 2008 and served nine years in a Nevada prison before being released on parole in 2017.

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