Simone Biles To Return For Final Event Of Tokyo Olympics

It’s been just revealed that Simone Biles will be coming back for the final event of Tokyo Olympics. Check out the latest news. ‘After withdrawing from previous events at the #TokyoOlympics, Team USA has announced #SimoneBiles will be returning to compete on the balance beam! (SWIPE)’ TSR notes.
Someone said: ‘I really hope she didn’t feel pressured to return because white men couldn’t mind their own got dam business.’
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A folloeer posted this: ‘We love to see it! This routine doesn’t have any twist so I figured she would perform!’ and a commenter said: ‘God forbid but if she gets injured during this, all those calling her a quitter better shut up.’
One other follower said: ‘I hope it was her that wanted to return and not that she was pressured into it,’ and a fan posted this: ‘The way she’s gonna come in and KILL the final event I have no doubt.’
Somoene said: ‘She must’ve had an argument and was mad and took it out on the olympics cause it’s no way you withdrew due to mental health and then your perfectly fine to compete again in a couple of days.’
Porsha Williams is praising Simone Biles . Check out the message that she shared on her social media account.
Somoene said: ‘I’m using every sick day I have before I let anybody annoy ,stress, or agitate me,’ and another follwoer posted this: ‘Amen! It’s about time we started to take down the stigma around mental health. It’s a medical issue. It doesn’t mean ur crazy. We are under so much pressure in this day and age, especially women, to do everything, we need to stop and take care of ourselves. I can’t imagine the pressure she is under to perform, be a celebrity, sponsors, and a business woman. She’s also still very young.’
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