Sip Your Way To Radiant Skin With Glamour Collagen

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Everyone wants to have beautiful skin and no matter what our age is, one of the most important factors for a youthful glow is collagen.

While collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin, it begins to naturally deplete as the years go passing by.

As we get older, the skin begins to produce less and less of this essential protein that’s synonymous with youth. But aging isn’t the only factor to blame. Other elements that deplete this precious supply of collagen include excess caffeine, alcohol, sugar and other processed foods we come in contact with daily.

Sure, we can eat foods known to boost collagen, but drinking bone broth every single day just doesn’t sound like a fun time.

Increasing collagen levels can help the skin look firmer, increase smoothness and promote skin cells to continue regenerating, renewing and repairing. In turn, skin could appear overall healthier and glowing.

Glamour Collagen can help to replace lost collagen and may improve overall cell health with a tasty powder.

collagenSee It: Grab Glamour Collagen 15 stick packs for $23 at Glamour Nutrition. See even more supplements from Glamour Nutrition!

Made with 10 grams of collagen plus other nutrient-rich ingredients, Glamour Collagen from Midway Labs comes in a convenient stick pack perfect for on the go.

The small stick includes just the right amount of collagen the body needs for restoration of collagen. Plus, this powder is jam-packed with other goodness including amino acids and vitamin C, which not only replenishes collagen but helps to promote a healthy immune system.

Easy to digest, this supplement kicks the body’s natural collagen synthesis process into motion with the boost it needs.

Simply mix the powder with water or other beverages whether hot or cold and enjoy. Unlike some other collagen-boosting powders, this one actually tastes great, too, thanks to a blueberry citrus flavor.

Glamour Collagen comes in a box of 15 stick packs, which are extra convenient to bring along to work, the gym or while traveling.

But Glamour Collagen doesn’t only work to help improve the skin’s appearance. Reviewers said this powder helped make their hair much more shiny and full and improved the health of their nails.

See It: Grab Glamour Collagen 15 stick packs for $23 at Glamour Nutrition. See even more supplements from Glamour Nutrition!

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