Smell Like Beyonce, Katy Perry & More of Your Favorite Stars!

Smell Like Beyonce, Katy Perry & More of Your Favorite Stars!

Do you ever wish you could smell like your favorite celebrity? Many stars like Beyonce, David Beckham and Katy Perry have collaborated with perfume houses to launch their own line of fragrances, giving us a sneak peek into their go-to scent preferences.

Although more celebs are turning to makeup and skincare lines, you shouldn’t miss out on some classic signature scents like the Wild Orchid by Beyonce for $22.95, or 34% off the retail price of $35, Beyond by David Beckham for $17.99 or 55% off the retail price of $40, and Katy Perry’s scents: Killer Queen, Indi, Indivisible, Mad Potion and Royal Revolution (all in one pack, for $44.95 or 60% off the retail price of $115).

Feeling nostalgic about the One Direction era? Transport yourself back to those good times with Our Moment for $27, 30% off the retail price of $40. Pitbull’s Cuba for Women is another classic perfume line you don’t want to miss out on, and you can get it for $22.99, a 54% discount off the retail price of $50.

Finally, if you love a soft and timeless fragrance, Vera Wang’s Embrace is always a great choice — get the bundle gift set of pear blossoms, rosebuds, vanilla, periwinkle and iris all meshed into 3 bottles for just $48.95, or 59% off the retail price of $120. Head to the Just Jared shop now, some of these bottles are becoming hard to find!


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