Strict Rules Kanye West Makes Kim Kardashian Follow

Kim Kardashian Follows These Rules Because Of Kanye West
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We’ve been getting to know Kanye West’s crazy antics via his rants on Twitter and on stage during his performances. His wife, Kim Kardashian-West, has both defended and diffused Kanye’s ramblings, but we’re not always so convinced. Kim sometimes seems to be putting out fires all over the place to make Kanye seem grounded. But did you know that he’s super controlling of Kim Kardashian’s life? With unconfirmed rumors of divorce on the horizon for this power couple, we can’t help but wonder if Kanye’s controlling nature is to blame. He demands the temperature of their home remain cold so he can always wear hoodies, controls Kim’s career by paying her off to not promote certain brands, and he even picks out Kim’s clothes for her so he can control what she wears. Is Kanye going way too far with his very specific rules? We’re breaking down all the strict rules Kanye has for Kim, so watch until the end, because the last one may surprise you.

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