Taylor Swift and Kanye West: The Conversation Has Leaked!

We're very sorry, folks.

We know you have enough to deal with right now, hopefully keeping a safe distance from most other human beings while you social distance and keep the country safe.

But we must nevertheless present to you the following piece of viral information:

The Taylor Swift versus Kanye West feud is not actually dead.

You know the one, right?

The one that started way back at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Kanye interrupted Taylor's speech on stage? And then exploded in 2016 when Kim Kardashian and her husband released portions of a phone conversation West had with Swift?

During which Swift seemingly gave the okay for Kanye to slam her in the track "Famous," only to later complain in public about Kanye's lyrics?

And Kim subsequently trashed Swift as a liar and a snake?

We were really hoping this rivalry was a thing of the past.

On March 21, however, a video somehow leaked online that depicted the conversation referenced above.

We've posted it on this page — and it features West asking Swift to actually Tweet a message about the track "Famous," followed by him running a lyric by the pop star.

“Well, is it gonna be mean?” the “Shake It Off” crooner asks of this lyric.

"No, I don’t think it’s mean," Kanye responds.

Swift: Okay, then, let me hear it.

West: Okay. It says, um,… and the funny thing is, when I first played it and my wife heard it, she was like, “Huh? What? That’s too crazy,” blah, blah, blah.

And then like when Ninja from Die Atwoord heard it, he was like, “Oh my God, this is the craziest s—. This is why I love Kanye,” blah, blah, blah, that kind of thing. And now it’s like my wife’s favorite f—ing line.

I just wanted to give you some premise of that. Right?

After all this stalling, Kanye finally come out with it to Swift:

So it says “To all my Southside [N-word] that know me best, I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex.”

Swift laughs and seems fine with this line — but she does later balk at the lyric about how Kanye claims to have made her "famous."

He also never says in the call that he calls her a "bitch" in the same song.

We don't know how this video got out and we're as sick of this story as everyone else out there.

But it's news, right?

And it's news that is not Coronavirus related, for a welcome change.

So listen to the exchange in the footage and then choose a side:

Team Kanye or Team Taylor?

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