The 2010s Gave Us Some Of The Best Movie Performances Ever

Every decade has its share of sensational performances in film; sometimes, it’s hard to keep track. The 2000s had Denzel Washington in Training Day, and the ’90s gave us Robert De Niro in Good Fellas. Still, it’s hard competing with what the 2010s provided movie-goers with, thanks to all the innovations and new storytellers stepping into Hollywood. As we patiently wait for what the next ten years bring, it’s only right to look back at the top performances of the 2010s. Read on and see for yourself.

Mark Zuckerberg – Jesse Eisenberg

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Arturo Holmes / Contributor/Sony Pictures
Arturo Holmes / Contributor/Sony Pictures

The thing that made The Social Network (2010) a magical work was a combination of two aspects. One is the casting and the second is undoubtedly actor Jesse Eisenberg. Director David Fincher didn’t choose Eisenberg solely based on his ability to act like Mark Zuckerberg the best. Had he done that, the movie wouldn’t have been a hit.

Eisenberg did a swell job at acting unassuming, arrogant, and slightly evil. Now, you can’t read about Zuckerberg without the image of Eisenberg popping into your head. That’s how you know an actor played a character fittingly.

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