The Only Way Out is

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The Only Way Out is Through. Advice for Dark Times;

There is purpose in your pain.

Life happens, but sometimes the things that go wrong are rooted in a state of misalignment with our true desires, our own will.

Many philosophers, sages, and religious texts cite that we, beings in human form, have been given the right to live autonomously—given free will. But free will is not just the ability to choose between “good” and “evil.”

Free will is the opportunity to take leaps of faith in life, in search of what we truly want.

Too often, we sacrifice and we settle in careers, lifestyles, relationships, friendships because it is easy or expected of us. Each day we make the choice to be safe in our identity. We look on others who are successful and seemingly fulfilled and we say that it was their destiny.

We fill our heads with enough lies to maintain our ‘comfortable’ reality.

But the truth is we’re not comfortable.

Dark times come to force us to make a change. And believe it or not, it’s what we’ve subconsciously been asking for.

When we are unhappy, depressed and unfulfilled our shadows manifest to fill our desires.

These shadows come and limit our options so that we have no other choice but to begin living our truth.

If you can recognize it, your darkness is an opportunity to make the radical change that is necessary to get closer to your dreams. But if ignored, you can end up spiraling on a path of destruction, one that only gets harder to realign.

If you’re in a dark place, ask yourself, what is it that I truly desire? Why am I in this place? How did I get here? What needs are being neglected by myself, my relationships or current circumstances?

Write down the answers to these questions and allow yourself to revisit them. Seek trustworthy wisdom and support.

The infinite is here and is waiting for you to give your-Self permission—to be, to change, to be loved and abundant.

You are deserving.

This too shall pass, if you allow it.


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Author: ericabnyc

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