These Facts About When Harry Met Sally Make The Classic That Much More Endearing

When Harry Met Sally is arguably one of the most likable romantic comedies every produced for the big screen. It’s hard not to love cynical but loving Harry and the headstrong but charming Sally. However, the facts behind the making of the film are almost as fascinating as the movie itself. For instance, the characters we love so much were inspired by the filmmakers themselves. And while it’s hard to imagine a better cast, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal weren’t the top picks to play the leads. It’s a good thing they did land their parts since many of their scenes were improvised to perfection. Read on to discover more facts behind this timeless classic.

Harry And Sally’s Characters Were Loosely Based On The Filmmakers

Rob Reiner sits and smiles with his leads.

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Writer Nora Ephron makes writing a script seem easy when you consider how well done the dialogue is and how true-to-life the characters seem. Part of this may be because some of Sally’s character was based on herself, particularly her high maintenance food orders.

When it came to Harry’s character, she relied heavily on Reiner’s tough run with love. He told The AV Club that Ephron would take notes as Reiner expressed the ups and downs he’d experienced in his love life. This explains Harry’s fear of commitment in the film.

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