These Super Bowl Halftime Show Secrets May Change The Way You Watch This Year’s Performance

There are two things that people who aren’t sports fans have to look forward to during the Super Bowl: seven-layer dip and the halftime show. The Super Bowl has become the platform for some of the best performances of the year. While the event’s coordinators pretty much have it down to a science, things have always run as smoothly as you may think. You remember Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, but did you know that it helped save another failure of the night? Equally surprising is that only one artist has actually been paid to perform during the show. Keep reading for more on these secrets and others.

The Green Orb That Should Have Been Yellow

Katy Perry performs on a giant, metallic lion in front of yellow and red glowing orbs, of which there are two accidental green orbs.


During Katy Perry’s performance at XLIX Super Bowl XLIX, she performed on a giant, metal lion with glowing red eyes. Her costume was covered in flames, which was mimicked in the giant field of bright red and yellow orbs. However, if you look a little closer, you may notice that two of those orbs are green.

A technical glitch caused this mistake. One of the kids who was holding the orbs, Micah Kosco, told Cracked that he had the misfortune of holding the green one. He proceeded to whack the orb on the ground in hopes of fixing the error, which didn’t work out too well.

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