Think you know how to apply foundation? 9 makeup mistakes you


Up your makeup game by applying your foundation like a pro

Wearing foundation is like a daily ritual for those of us that wear makeup everyday. You may already know how to put foundation on properly but do you know the easy mistakes you might be making when putting on everyday makeup?

It’s not just full coverage night makeup to be concerned about, one of these common mistakes can even turn the natural, glowing makeup look into something much more obvious and unnatural. Makeup should enhance your face without overshadowing it so make your foundation work for you by following these simple beauty tips.

Going full coverage when only spot concealing is needed

Through years of habit, many of us automatically apply foundation all over the face, even when the problem areas are only in one area. Constant messages about having an ‘even’ base lead us to believe that we need to our foundation all over the face when actually, you can still get a flawless looking coverage by just spot applying foundation and blending well.

Settling for a ‘sort of’ match, rather than the perfect colour

We all know choosing the right shade of foundation for your face can be difficult, especially when under the artificial lighting in the beauty aisle. Fortunately, foundation products have developed far beyond the regular range of shades that used to be available. These handy Shade Adjusting drops from The Body Shop will help to lighten or darken your foundation to the right shade.

Doing your concealer before foundation.

As satisfying as it is to conceal all your spots and dark shadows ASAP, your careful hard work is undone when you start applying foundation on top after, wasting vital effort and product. The only time you need to conceal before foundation is when colour-correcting red or sallow areas. Once you’ve applied your foundation, you can then see which areas need a bit of extra concealer.

Throw it away when the time is up

Are you guilty of still reaching for an old bottle of foundation you bought years ago? Most foundations are water-based, which means that they’re a welcome home for growing bacteria once they’ve been opened. Particularly if the foundation is in a jar that you use to apply with your fingers – pump bottles are more hygienic.

We should consider replacing our foundation every 6 to 12 months or whenever there is a change in colour or smell. Also ensure to keep your makeup stored in cool temperatures, as warm, humid environments encourage the growth of bacteria and nasties.


Not bothering with primer

Primer isn’t just a superfluous product to add to the rising cost of your beauty bag. Depending on your skin concern, primer can help makeup last longer or go on more smoothly. Note that primers are often either silicone or water based, and should match your foundation’s formula in order to stop it crumbling off or rolling into little balls upon application.

We love No Filter Blurring Photography Primer from PÜR Cosmetics £24, which is also loaded with skin-loving ingredients like coconut and shea.

Forgetting about SPF

We should ALL know this one by now, but forgetting to apply SPF is a daily occurrence for most of us. We’re not talking factor 50 but, even in this dull British weather, SPF is an essential skincare product. Many of us don’t bother because it’s can be difficult to find an SPF moisturiser that doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin.

By choosing a foundation with SPF, you’re ensuring that you get your daily SPF protection. Not only are you covered for unplanned bursts of sunshine, you’re also protecting your skin from photo-ageing, fine lines and premature wrinkles. It’s a no brainer.


Blend, blend and blend some more

Even if the colour isn’t quite right, a good amount of blending can do wonders. For a natural, skin-fused look, apply foundation with a sponge for the perfect finish. Once applied, use the sponge to lift colour off any heavily applied areas, and then pat the sponge across the jawline to make sure there is no harsh colour change from face to neck.

The cult Beauty Blender sponge is great for this but Nanshy also have a 4-In-1 Blending Sponge that has different edges for different parts of the face – super easy to use.

Always set with finishing powder…

Once you’ve perfected your base, make sure it stays that way. Even longwear foundations will benefit from a light dusting of setting powder. Powder absorbs the moisture that disrupts your makeup whilst also minimising shine and keeping your flawless finish. Try the new Wunder 2 Selfie Powder – a high performance HD Photo Finishing Powder that flexes with your skin, for a smooth, crease-free finish all day.

…But don’t use too much powder 

As magical as the effects of setting powder are, don’t overload your face with it. Celebrities know this tip all too well. When applied too generously, the powder gathers to reflect light from flash photography, resulting in the tell-tale white noses and foreheads that some celebs have unknowingly sported on the red carpet. Avoid dense powder brushes and use a fluttery fan brush to lightly dust it onto problem areas and avoid caking it on with a sponge.

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