Thomas Ravenel Accuses Kathryn Dennis of Giving Son Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Earlier this autumn, Thomas Ravenel reignited his custody war with Kathryn Dennis, accusing her of being a neglectful coke fiend.

In new court documents, he is claiming that she has already adversely impacted their son for life, causing him permanent brain damage before he was born.

Disgraced former reality star, failed politician, and convicted criminal Thomas Ravenel has a lot to say about his ex.

In court documents, he accuses the current Southern Charm star of having consumed alcohol in such quantities during her pregnancy with Saint that it gave him FAS.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome involves brain damage and delayed development in children, though there is much that doctors do not yet understand about why some babies are seemingly unaffected by prenatal drinking.

So, Thomas and Kathryn share Kensie and Saint.

Thomas alleges that Kathryn’s drinking and drug use was rampant, and that this has resulted in 5-year-old Saint’s FAS diagnosis.

Saint has gone to speech and occupational therapy “for years,” but Thomas says that Saint is falling behind in school.

Additionally, he claims that Kathryn is neglectful when it comes to Saint’s education.

In court documents, he alleges that “Saint’s teacher sgave them separate folders with extra work for their son to do at each parent’s house.”

Thomas then accuses that apparently the “mom folder” has “never been touched.”

This of course comes after claims that Thomas has already made about Kathryn’s skills as a parent.

For example, he has claimed that she has done cocaine while having custody of the children — per an alleged eyewitness.

Thomas also claims that Kathryn left cocaine out on a piece of furniture that was within reach of the young children.

In response, Kathryn reportedly countered the claim with a simple defense: no.

Specifically, she says that she does not use cocaine, and for that reason would not do so in front of her children or leave some sitting around for her kids to gobble up.

But whom should we believe?

Obviously, that is for the court to decide — family court, specifically.

Suffice it to say that those who have followed this pair of troubled exes have found many reasons to doubt either of them at their word.

However, some Southern Charm fans have noticed an interesting “coincidence” that may cast doubt upon Thomas’ accusations.

See, Kathryn and Thomas were coparenting — perhaps even peacefully — for months since settling their case last year.

But something significant changed in Thomas’ life.

This summer, he welcomed his third child with a somewhat random ex, Heather Mascoe. Now, he and Heather have reconciled and are engaged.

According to this fan theory, one that we should make clear presupposes that Thomas’ intentions are dishonest (which we cannot confirm), this spurred Thomas to take Kathryn to court.

Why? He’s seeking full custody.

The fan theory being bandied about on social media alleges that Thomas has a fantasy of living with all three of his children under one room to grow up as siblings … and will do anything to make that happen.

While Thomas is a notorious scumbag, a confessed violent criminal, and widely disliked for good reason, we cannot say that this is his true motive.

Nor can we casually dismiss whether or not his accusations about Kathryn are true. The part about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is particularly alarming.

Kathryn has offered to take a drug test with regard to his cocaine accusations … but only if Thomas pays for it, and takes it himself. Whether he does that, and how long he waits, remains to be seen.


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