Too Stoned To Care: Female Celebs Who Smoke Weed

Female Celebs Who Smoke Weed- Kristen Stewart

It’s always funny to hear a good weed story. And, in Hollywood, there are plenty of female celebs who smoke weed and are willing to tell all. Can you guess who once outsmoked Woody Harrelson?

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Female Celebs Who Smoke Weed: Miley Bangerz


Yet, some female celebs who smoke weed have decided to quit the habit to have tamer stories to tell during Sunday brunch. Remember, when Miley Cyrus used to wear bunny costumes and twerk onstage? Apparently, weed was to blame for that and she has since quit smoking to “usher in a new era” of her life.

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See if you can guess all the female celebs who smoke pot on our list!

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