Tori Roloff Knows When Little People, Big World Will Return… Sort Of!

A Little People, Big World star has some rather huge news to share.

Taking once again to her Instagram Story on January 22, Tori Roloff tried to answer the main question on the minds of fans around the country.

How is she doing at home as the mother of two young kids?

Not quite, even though Tori has well over one million followers who are often curious about how things are going for Tori and Zach Roloff with their newborn daughter and toddler son.

In this case, however, the pressing question centered not on Tori’s personal life… but on her professional life.

“When does the new season air?” a social media user asked Tori of Little People, Big World, prompting a surprising answer from the beloved TLC star:

“This spring!!”

So there you have it, folks. Sort of.

lpbw return

Tori’s response is rather broad and vague, of course, but it does fit the typical Little People, Big World timeline.

The series premiered on April 2 in 2019 and aired new episodes through June 4.

If it really does follow this same pattern in 2020 — kicking off a new season on the first Tuesday of April — then that means we’ll have Tori and her family back in our lives on April 7.

But don’t quote us on that! It’s merely an educated guess.

When the long-running program does return, it will not lack for storylines; that much is for certain.

Tori and Zach welcomed daughter Lilah into the world a short while before Thanksgiving. 

Just over two months later, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed a son named Bode.

And before these blessed events took place, Amy Roloff got engaged to Chris Marek. And she has also moved off the farm and into her very own place for the first time in decaces.

Tragically, she also bid farewell to her mother last fall.

Like we said, a lot has gone down of late!

Mostly good and mostly all very promosing for the future of these loved ones.

The Roloffs excel at social media use, at least, so we’ve been able to follow most of these developments in real time.

But it’s always fun to go behind the scenes on Little People, Big World and to see certain things that only television cameras can capture, you know?

Are you excited for the return of Little People, Big World?

Are you still watching, even in the absence of Audrey and Jeremy, who left the series in the summer of 2018?

And just how adorable is little Bode?!? Check out some of his best and cutest photos below:


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