WAYNE DYER: The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Secrets To Manifest ANYTHING You Want

WAYNE DYER: The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Secrets To Manifest ANYTHING You Want

In this video I talk about Wayne Dyer and the law of attraction. The greatest teacher of the law of attraction secrets to manifest anything you want was Dr. Wayne Dyer. Waye Dyner is most known for “change your thoughts, change your life” but it he also very versed in the secret law of attraction. In fact, one of Wayne Dyer’s best talks on YouTube is called Wayne Dyer The Secret law of Attraction.

I love Wayne Dyer and his simple teachings changed my understanding of how the law of attraction works, and how to manifest anything you want.

This is my favorite law of attraction coaching technique ever…

You don’t get what you want, you get what you are….

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Most people block the law of attraction from attracting specific people into their life because they are blocking it with negative thought transference.

There are certain tricks to using law of attraction to easily manifest what you want, but you need to learn how to talk to the universe.

Most people struggle with law of attraction because they’ve never properly understood how to talk to the universe to use the law of attraction.

And most people struggle with LOA because they do not understand how to use it. So I share my biggest takeaways so you can apply it to your life easily.

In this video you’ll learn how to use the law of attraction, understand it better, and apply it to your life.

The first step is to understand that you’re always using Law of Attraction. Most of us spend our whole lives doing it unconsciously.

We use unconscious negative affirmations as a technique that holds us back from what we want in life.

You have to become conscious of your affirmations and begin to use positive thinking techniques to feel what you want before you have it. It’s a constant affirmation meditation to visualize success and feel it in your nervous system.

This is how you use positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind, how to visualize images, how to visualize what you want, and how to create what you want as a reality.

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