Wendy Williams Says She’s Really Eager To Date After The Quarantine – Reveals She’s Found A Very Special ‘Love Interest!’

Wendy Williams is definitely doing her part when it comes to flattening the curve by keeping social distance but that is not to say that she is not looking forward to this all being over so that she can get back to the dating game! In fact, the talk show host teased during her ‘at home’ version of her talk show, that she is already interested in someone!

The recent divorcee opened up about her love life without giving too much away but did mention that she cannot wait to date following the quarantine.

Wendy mentioned that the man she has her eye on is in the ‘same situation‘ as her at the moment.

It’s a shame it’s not safe to mingle during this scary time because, as it seems, Wendy is definitely eager to do just that.

The talk show host told her audience that several men have actually contacted her to ask her on dates despite the quarantine orders.

However, Wendy stressed that she is a responsible person so she’s turned them down – for now.

She really doesn’t want to risk getting or spreading COVID-19, not even for someone really special!

Sure enough, she shared that there is ‘this particular interest that I do have. He’s also got the same situation. He gives good gifts, he comes with his car and driver. We eat the same food, we like the same music, he’s age-appropriate and the whole bit.’

Before revealing this, earlier in the virtual show, Wendy also dished about someone else contacting her, whom she turned down!

‘I want to date. This man called me for a date over the weekend. No lie, he was like, ‘I’m in your neighborhood, I’m on my way to your house, I’m with my driver. I have a nice present for you, I know you’ll love it. We’ll go out for crab, good steak and a cigar.’ Once in a while, I like a cigar, it makes me feel bossy. I texted him back and I’m like, ‘No, I’m happily quarantining, bye!’’ Wendy revealed.

The celeb went on to say that the fact that he invited her out during the quarantine when it’s so important not to leave the house, totally got him off the list!


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