Who’s Taking Over The World Next? D-List To A-List — Celebs Who Blew Up in 2018

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After 2018, you won’t be able to forget these celebs’ names. They arrived, became famous and conquered! Now that they’ve dropped that breakout album or movie they are making sure that you know they’re here to stay. Sure, you may have liked them on your favorite TV show, but now these former D-listers are A-List celebs all the way.

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You might be surprised to know that some of your favorite new stars have been around for awhile steadily working on their careers. Others were somewhat famous but proved that in 2018 they could become bigger and better. After all who wasn’t excited to see how Sansa Stark (um … Sophie Turner) has grown from a shy teen into an X-Men bombshell!

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Radar Online has the roundup of 2018’s breakout stars and how they got famous!



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