WombI don’t get why we


I don’t get why we all look at the Kardashians and the Jenners and think that they are beautiful and have great bodies just because Kylie barely showed a bump during her whole pregnancy and that her ”post” birth tummy was so small. Not even after having her baby born, there were photos of her bloated stomach, as if people would think less of her if she had the natural, pregnant body. As if it would be a good thing to ”not be showing” and the notion that a woman’s body is somehow flawed and fat when carrying an infant thus having a baby bump. as if is more important to us that women are skinny, than the well being of the newborn. A woman’s body is the birthplace of all life. shouldn’t we celebrate her body and look at her belly and think that how amazing is it that we all come from there, that a baby is growing and being nurtured from within, how great it is that her belly is so big?

This is what I don’t get.

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