You Didn’t See This Coming! 23 Reality TV Show Scandals You Couldn’t Make Up

Reality TV Feature 2

Let’s face it, Reality TV is scandalous. Most often contestants and castmates are so crazy that it’s hard to look away from their antics. You’re drawn into their drama and over-the-top storylines because, hey, they might be “regular people,” but they sure do make for good TV, and there’s nothing like good reality show scandals that’ll have you talking for weeks.

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Reality TV Feature

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Then, there are those scandals that are so out there that you never could’ve imagined them. While most fans expect the occasional fight or late-night partying blackout, there are other moments that are almost so ridiculous that that even the producers must have been shocked.

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Radar Online presents the best and worst reality show scandals almost too crazy to be true.

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