young pregnant girl rants about

young pregnant girl rants about kylie jenner

ok i just need to rant for a minute. this video and all the news coverage is just really hitting too close to home for me. i’m due to have my baby in about two weeks but i don’t get to have the perfect life that kylie gets.

she’s younger than me. i’m almost 22. i wanted to keep my baby even though he was a complete accident and unplanned and his father is someone who is completely unsupportive and downright abusive. even though i have a new boyfriend and some really loving friends, i couldn’t rationalize keeping my child. i’m broke. i don’t work. i had to drop out of school. i had to move out of my parents house because they were so unsupportive. i’m currently living with my new boyfriend and i’m just lucky that he and his family are kind enough to help me this way.

kylie is 20. she gets to keep her baby and live this perfect life and have a fully supportive family and she gets to be there and be a mother for her child and to me that’s just not fucking fair. why should something like how much money this girl has mean that she gets to experience the best things in life and i can’t. just because she has a rich family and millions of instagram followers that buy her makeup brand doesn’t mean that she deserves anything more than anyone else.

the only reason i can’t keep my child is money. if the fucking kardashians and all the other billionaires in the world distributed their wealth evenly then no other girls in my situation would have to give their babies away to strangers because they can’t even afford to feed themselves. i will still love my child every day of his life and every day of mine. i’ll just never get to see him again.

that stupid fucking video they posted is so fucking insulting and so triggering and just so upsetting. why should her mom be proud and excited when my mom barely talks to me anymore. why should the father of her baby be next to her when the father of mine won’t even do me the courtesy of helping me afford food. why should she get to hold her daughter and look forward to her future as a mother when i just get to give my baby away then be expected to go on with my life like nothing happened.

why does money have to ruin lives?

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