Alignment is not about working hard. – power of gratitude.

Author: joyous-living

It’s so easy to forget this, but it really is all about letting it come to you.

Realizing that everything is already lined up, the universe already knows what you want.

The thing is, you have to feel worthy enough to allow it, and one way I find that works is with gratitude.

If you are feeling grateful for what you already have, it is easy to allow more in.

Often there is a bit of an underlying feeling of guilt or like I said, or unworthiness, and that is why people don’t let a lot of stuff in.. but that can be let go of with gratitude.

It also helps to know that you are not the person that makes things happen. You are not even necessarily in control. All you are is a receiver and transmitter of things, ideas, impulses. Then the universal energy works through you to make that stuff happen.

Just keep being grateful for what you already have. Appreciating what is right in front of you, and more of that will come..

However, there is a power that is even greater than gratitude, and I am going to talk about that in my next post..

Author: joyous-living

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