Day: April 26, 2018

“The darkest nights produce

April 26, 2018 Author: subconsciousmindposts “The darkest nights produce the brightest stars” ~Anonymous Author: subconsciousmindposts Read More

Morning Mantra *17

April 26, 2018 Author: meonfocusblog This morning lets take a moment and dedicate some time to our soul. Mantras and Affirmations repeated in the early morning have the power to make your day go smooth and also have the power to prepare you to receive what Universe’s gifts. If you want to know Read More

How To Actually Help Others

April 26, 2018 Author: rexsikes How To Actually Help Others “Someone dear to you is troubled and needs help. How might you best help him or her? What positive thing can you do when you may not be able to do anything else? The person my ‘resist’ you, or may be far from your Read More

Humble and Forgiven

April 26, 2018 Author: meonfocusblog I don’t usually read the news but, scrolling on facebook it happens to see some random news from somewhere in the world and today as I scroll my Facebook feed I read “A wrongly convicted man who was paid $75 for 31 years of prison finally gets justice” , I opened the article […] Read More

The Truth About Manifesting Your Dreams

April 26, 2018 Author: allyfortis The Truth About Manifesting Your Dreams You see everywhere on internet titles like: how I manifested my dream house, how I manifested $10k a month or how I manifested my luxury vacation. And all these people will tell you to make a vision board, visualize what you want, create a list, etc. But the […] Read More

I am living in total

April 26, 2018 Author: prosperouslife2 I am living in total wealth and prosperity 💰✨❤️ Author: prosperouslife2 Read More

I am always blessed

April 26, 2018 Author: prosperouslife2 I am always blessed with enough money for all my wants and desires 💰✨❤️ Author: prosperouslife2 Read More

The Power Of Love – Your Inner Truth

April 26, 2018 Author: stefanneff53 The Power Of Love – Your Inner TruthHow Love Can Change Your Life What Is Love: Love is the most powerful emotion that human being create towards another human. When love enters into our lives we feel a overwhelming action of caring for other people. Have you ever had Read More

Alignment is not about working hard. – power of gratitude.

April 26, 2018 Author: joyous-living It’s so easy to forget this, but it really is all about letting it come to you. Realizing that everything is already lined up, the universe already knows what you want. The thing is, you have to feel worthy enough to allow it, and one way I find that works is with gratitude. […] Read More

Hey. Stop Scrolling. To everyone

April 26, 2018 Author: subconsciousmindposts Hey. Stop Scrolling. To everyone reading this. I’m so glad you’re alive. I’m so proud of you. Keep going. You’re almost there. Pass it on. Author: subconsciousmindposts Read More