Angelina Pivarnick Blasted By Critics: Stop Trying to Look Like Kim Kardashian!

If you’re a longtime Jersey Shore fan, then you’re probably aware that Angelina Pivarnick’s appearance has changed considerably in recent years.

Some would say she’s had the best glow-up of anyone on the show …

… But others would argue that she’s gone a bit overboard with the plastic surgery.

That’s a matter of opinion of course, but there’s one objective fact that we think everyone can agree on:

Angelina Pivarnick-Kim Kardashian

Angelina is looking more like Kim Kardashian every day.

Now, we’re not trying to throw any shade here.

Kim is one of the most emulated women on the planet, and there are certainly worse people to look like.

Plus, the transformation might have special significance to Angeliners due to the fact that Vinny Guadagnino used to call her the “Rob Kardashian of Staten Island.”

(In addition to being needlessly cruel, the joke doesn’t make much sense. We’re sure Staten Island is filled with dudes who look like Rob Kardashian!)

Anyway, Angelina says she’s been open about the amount of work she’s had done, and she claims she hasn’t altered her face in any way.

Fans are skeptical about the claim, and to be fair, Ange’s face — her nose in particular — does look pretty different from when she first started out.

But hey, we’re not here to judge.

Maybe she just got really good at contouring or something.

Anyway, the Kim comparisons keep coming up in Angelina’s comments, and now, there are some new layers.

In addition to accusing Angelina of going under the knife to look like Kim, followers insist that she’s been cycling through facial filters in search of the one that will make her the most Kim-like.

They also say that she’s begun posing like Kim, not smiling in pics to make her self look more Kardashian-esque.

(The sisters look so similar at this point that you can’t say Angelina looks like Kim without also saying she looks like Kourtney and Khloe.)

“You look nothing like this in real life,” one person wrote.

“When you order Kim Kardashian on Wish,” another added.

“What would you do without facial filters????? We see you on TV girl!!!” yer another chimed in.

“I miss the days when girl wanted to look like like them selves,” a fourth remarked.

“Kim kardashian wannabe….smh,” a fifth chimed in.

You get the idea.

This, of course, is not the first time that Angelina has been accused of misleading fans in recent months.

Many are still convinced that Pivarnick has broken up with Chris Larangeira, and the couple — who married in 2019 — are keeping their separation a secret so that it could be used for future Jersey Shore drama.

We would guess that’s not the case, as neither Chris nor Angelina seems to be particularly skilled when it comes to keeping secrets.

But if they are planning to draw this thing out in front of the MTV cameras, we say go for it!

After all, the show could definitely use some actual conflict to help spice up the proceedings a bit.


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