Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston Respond: How Many Times Have They Made Love?


Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston got engaged on Monday night’s season finale of The Bachelorette.

Will they actually make it down the aisle and live happily ever after?

We can’t say for certain.

But have they been making a great deal of love of late and happily running to the bedroom any chance they get?

Yes. It sure sounds that way.

First, on the finale itself, Thurston raved about her time in the Fantasy Suite with Moynes, telling co-host Kailtyn Bristowe:

“[I] was plenty satisfied, many times” and “It was just the best day of my life. My heart officially belongs to Blake.”

So it’s pretty clear these two have physical chemistry.

And in case that wasn’t clear on the actual episode, Thurrston and Moynes appeared afterward on Jimmy Kimmel Live, sitting across from guest host David Spade and answering a very personal question in the process.

“Over the course of your short-ish relationship, how many times have you made whoopee? And your answer has to be less than 100 off,” Spade quipped.

Katie and Blake then took to their respective white boards.

Their responses?

43, according to Katie.

30, accordng to Blake.

“No chance! Katie Louise! I hope that vibrator’s in the trash,” Spade responded to Thurston’s guess, referring to the toy Katie brought along when she met Matt James on The Bachelor.

Thurston so thoroughly enjoyed her evening in the Fantasy Suite with Blake that she broke up with Justin Glaze on the finale… before he even got a shot at showing off his skills.

Tough break for the runner-up.

“You have made me the happiest woman alive and in a world of change I want to be your constant,” said Katie to Blake when they met up at the proposal site to conclude the episode.

“I love you today, tomorrow and forever and I can’t wait for our adventure to begin.”

Moynes then echoed this sentiment:

“I know how great of a wife you’re going to be, mother you’re going to be, but I know there’s things that scare you.

“And I know that you in the past have talked about how you’ve had to compromise the way that you are to make relationships work and I don’t want you to do that.

“But I can’t give you what you came here for. Because you deserve a lot more than that.”

Concluded Moynes before he popped the life-altering question:

“You deserve the world and I’m excited to support you and be there for you every day moving forward.”

AWWWW, right?!?

Blake then proposed. Katie said yes. And they rode off on horseback together.

We hope this is a love story that has a happy ending, but let’s keep it real for a moment:

Most Bachelor Nation romances do not last.

Do you think Moynes and Thurston will be one of the exceptions?

Vote below: Will these two get married?

And the

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