Dame Dash Took Aaliyah and TRIED To Take BEYONCE From Jay-Z ?

Dame Dash has been the center of attention in the media as of lately since the airing of the R Kelly documentary. Dame Dash dated Aaliyah who the documentary listed as his first wife at the age of 15 when R Kelly was 27. This was nothing new to us but we never really heard from Dame about what he felt about the things that happened between Aaliyah and R Kelly,

Dame had a recent interview with Nick Cannon on his web-show called Cannon Class and he talked about Aaliyah, saying that it was very hard for her to talk about what happened between her and R Kelly and when he asked her what she wanted him to do about the situation, she told him to let it go. Dame ridiculed his ex business partner Jay Z for doing an album and going on tour with R Kelly, giving the situation with Aaliyah, surprisingly, he mentioned that Jay-Z liked Aaliyah as well. The streets started talking and Funk Master Flex mentioned that Dame took Aaliyah from Jay Z after a trip to the Hamptons. Former producer at Roc-A-Fella records named Choke No Joke, confirmed that Aaliyah was actually Jay-Z’s girl first and then he hit us with a bombshell by saying that Dame tried to do the same thing with Beyonce but she wasn’t having it.
Dame does a lot of finger pointing but do you think he was keeping it real with himself?

Lets talk about it below.

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