Kandi Burruss’ Girls’ Night Out Has Fans Praising The Ladies’ Looks

Kandi Burruss shared some pics of her girls’ night out and fans are impressed by the ladies. Check out the post below. ‘When your out at the club don’t think I’m not! Lol!!!’ someone said.
One other follower posted this: ‘How did y’all think she was NeNe?!?! How?’ and one other follwoer said: ‘I thought that was nene for a sec.’
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One follower said: ‘Celebrities be having lots of friends while us normal folks struggle to keep 1-2 😩’ and a commenter posted this: ‘You keep that snake around girl, you better hope she doesn’t tell Porsha your business.’
One fan said: ‘Shamea spends more time with friends than with her family, is everything ok at home?’ and a commenter posted: ‘Jesus I thought Kandi became cool with Nene again 😫’
Someone else said: ‘Nene has had too much work done! Plus she looks tired af.’
A follower said: ‘@kandi I thought that was @neneleakes I said damnnnn she look definitely but she definitely can pass for her sister.’
Someone else said: ‘What Porsha BFF ladies!!🥴 She hook her friends up with other people man.’
Kandi Burruss is grateful to her fans for all the love that she is getting. Check out the post she shared here. ‘Thanks for all the love during my @amazonlive today! The second pic is me looking through all my new followers on my Amazon shop. Thank you! 😘 The link for my shop is in my IG bio!’ Kandi captioned her post.
Kandi is a self-proclaimed Amazon expert. Check out her post here. ‘I’m a self proclaimed Amazon expert! Make sure to tune in to my Amazon live tomorrow at 2pm EST! Link in bio! We’re gonna have a good ass time while I tell you my favorite finds so don’t miss it!’ Kandi captioned her post. Source

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