Lizzo Reacts to TikTok Showing What Her & Chris Evans’ Child Would Look Like

Lizzo Reacts to TikTok Showing What Her & Chris Evans' Child Would Look Like

A TikTok user was able to mock up what an adult version of a Chris Evans and Lizzo love child would look like and…she’s stunning, of course!!

Lizzo posted a video reaction of her watching an artist create a mock up of what the child would potentially look like, combining the features of both her and the Marvel superhero star.

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This whole joke started when Lizzo pretended like she was pregnant with Chris’ baby before the release of her song “Rumors.” Chris actually DM’d Lizzo about her joke and you can see that DM right here.

Check out the video of Chris Evans and Lizzo’s potential love child…


#duet with @maryscartoons WAIT A DAMN MIN

♬ Rumors (feat. Cardi B) – Lizzo


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