The Worst Movies Of The 2010s Are No Laughing Matter

The 2010s brought us some of the best and worst movies in recent cinematic history. Everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise to Abraham Lincoln slaying vampires has graced the big screen. While some of these movies found major success, others fell flat because of offensive content and lackluster plotlines.

Hopefully, none of these movie stills give you trauma from walking out of the theater or turning off what was supposed to be a fantastic film. Filmmakers, just remember that releasing a film in 3D doesn’t mean it is going to be good.

Hopefully, The Next Version Of Suicide Squad Is Better

suicide squad

Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers

Suicide Squad was one of the bigger film upsets of the decade. What should have been a fun plot that introduced some of the DCEU villains turned out to be a film people turned off within the first ten minutes. The plot was all over the place, boring, and Jared Leto’s much-anticipated Joker saw little screen time.

Thankfully, the studio is going to try to rectify the film’s failure with two movies, another Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. Fans of the DC Comic Universe can only hope that something goes differently with these two films because there is only so much disappointment a person can take!

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